Nerdlesque Videos

Hero Worship

... I'm Batman.


Video by Silver Persinger at Ellie Quinn's When Twirls Collide in Richmond VA, October 19, 2018

Bad to the Bone


Mr. DNA nerdlesque, at Ellie Quinn's Jurassic Pasties 2, February 8, 2020. Video by Silver Persinger. 

Flaming Rainbows


Meet the Pyro at the 8-Bit Review 2 by Maki Roll's Chop Shop, October 7, 2017. 

Where's the goat?


Jurassic Tour Car tribute, with guest star Betty Boop, debuted at Ellie Quinn's Jurassic Pasties 2: The Lost Tassel, February 8, 2020. Video by Silver Persinger.

Cuckoo for You

Nurse Ratched knows just what you need.​

At Sensations: A Novel Revue by Nocte Convina Burlesque, at The Venue on 35th on January 13, 2018.